Let’s share some picchas okay.

I was on leave yesterday. Bought those 2 kiddo to meet the paed. Khazin need to get his 2nd months jab and Khilfi has been coughing pretty badly for 2 weeks+ already. We need to get another round of check up coz the 1st visit medicine pun dah nak habis.

Khazin is well. current reading now at 6.2kg and already 62 cm tall. I bet in mere time ajer, Khazin will ‘bully’ his abang.

Abang on the other hand is cleared from any chesty infection or what. Semua clear but the bug seems to be a tough one. SO we got another 3 different kind of medicine. Ventolin pun x layan dah ni. Tgklah another week, either there’s changes in it or else we have to come back to do xray and all. He has been ok on the other hand as a big brother. When the time to ask for help, mmg helpful. Cuma hat tak tahan when he feel macam left behind(even we never do) but well, his own perasan sendiri mcm org x bagi attention to him, he started to buat sememeh which stressing me out. But bila tgk muka cheeky dier mcm nih hah, apa nk kata erkk?

well, till then toodles peep!

3 Responses to “”

  1. Leeds Al-Malique Says:

    seronoknyerrrrr tgk dua beradik niii

  2. aisha Says:

    Kak Elin, muka khazin garang la.. tapi comel..memang buli abang dia nanti..

  3. mom2Que Says:

    Adoii sgt la comel khazin ni. 6.2? Sebulan je lagi kalah dah aziq hehe.

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