**please read the T&C before placing order**

TOP(Left to Right)
1) Black Blue Abstract
2) Black Grey Abstract
3) Black Grey Geometry *out of stock

BELOW(Left to Right)
1) Blue Geox
2) Blue Leopard
3) Bright Pink abstract

TOP(Left to Right)
1) Dark Blue Abstract-2
2) Dark Blue Geometry
3) Dark Green Stripey *out of stock

BELOW(Left to Right
1) Electric Blue Abstract
2) Gold Yellow Stripey *out of stock
3) Light Blue Polkadots2

TOP(Left to Right)
1) Lilac Pink Abstract
2) Lilac Satin Abstract
3) Maroon Purple Abstract

BELOW(Left to right)
1) Pale Blue Abstract *out of stock
2) Peach Abstract
3) Peach Stripey

Top(Left to Right)
1) Rose Pink Abstract
2) Rose Pink Flowery
3) Rose Pink Net *out of stock

Below(Left to Right)
1) Turquoise Blue Abstract
2) Turquoise Flowery
3) Turquoise Stripey


One Response to “TUDUNG DUBAI PATTERN (RM40 each)”

  1. mamselle Says:

    kak elin,

    peach stripey tu ada lagi tak?

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