its mellow time.

I was browsing thru my siblings fl!ckr, yes all of them is Fl1ickering this days. We commented each others photos and in fact it helps us to stay closer across the boundaries, esp to keep my brother sane way away in Nagoya. Thank God also for the webcam invention where we happily ‘skyping’ and all.

Tonight, flipping thru Ian’s flickr, i feel the cringe mellow me. Her daughter, Adriana aka Nina to all of us is an exact resemblance of my late mum. I mean, the feature and what we call ‘air muka’ aka water face ker apa erkk? Her eyes, her chin oh dear are the exact photocopy of her Wan.

Yeah, we move on. We can laugh sharing jokes and stories about my mum these days. About what she will do, react or responds to our antiques. How she will keep on pestering on our laziness or things which never meet her agreement. How she actually always there whenever we want her no matter how difficult it was. BUt at some point of time like tonight, I cant put on the smiling face. I shed tears tonite. I miss her. A pang of sadness of not being able to share all the good things happening in my life lately with her makes me feel mellow like *&*^@&)#)@ tonite.

That’s why for once I am looking forward for raya this year. Ever since she passed away, I managed to be in KT during raya except last yr. I am obliged to be in KL after 2 years in row in KT. But this yr is KT turn again. With latest addition int he family Nina and Khazin, I bet the house will be livelier and I do hope my brother will fall into our ugutan to come back for raya. If he does, oh it will be a sweet thing. Its good to have a full house again. The last time was before Aa flew over sans Khazin. And if she’s around, I can imagine every single scene of my house on the eve. My mum is the queen of celebration. Any events or festive is something she loves and good at.

Oh well, I shall be writing something for my dad supposedly inconjunction of this father’s day alas we do it on the day itself lor.

well, I am better bit now after writing. I wanna go to bed now. I am tired. This crying thing is taxing jugak kan?



2 Responses to “missing”

  1. Kopi Suam Says:

    kenangan manis di masa silam memang tidak akan luput diingatan selagi hayat dikandung tanah..

    tumpang lalu yek elin 🙂
    Jualan jumbo kain di http://kopisuam.blogspot.com

    thank you

  2. rozie Says:

    mmg pun crying is taxing..tapi lega amat sgt after that..

    May Allah bless you always!

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