sleepy head

I am in a meeting to finalise some nitty gritty work for the project I am slaving myself for the past 3 yrs. Bohsan. Since everyone seems to be arguing with each other and I am side track already, thus, updating my blog seems better.

I am sleepy in fact.

I went to Midvalley during lunch hour and just awarded myself with some necklace, bracelet and brooches. Takde keje ok. Then I bought some stuffs for the boys and grab a-la carte burger at McDonalds. Now I am hungry still.

Anyway, for this weekend, We shall be

  • attending series of wedding
  • mall hopping (abang demands new clothes from the dad, adik off course tak de la lagi but mama can demand something on behalf. I also wants something, can huh?)
  • house cleaning(

Other than that, I am bored now. Blueghh! Interesting note, I am meeting my gynae this Monday. Its time to do the dreading pap smear thingymajing. Have u done yours ladies?? And we shall discuss on what’s next for our family planning thang. I am not into injection or pills. The last time I was on IUD but it was tad bit stressful when it come to menses cycle, it was too long at time. I know there’s the new stuffs IUS which will help to correct the cycle but since it will react as 2 thing, 1) as a blockage and 2) a hormone to help the menses cycle. I am afraid will it affect my milk production. So all these need to be discuss. I know my gynae is a pro bfeeding gynae coz he is the chairman for the hospital for bfeeding friendly hospital. We’ll see how it goes. When it come to contraceptive method, I am lost.

Well, till then. Have a nice weekend.


9 Responses to “sleepy head”

  1. ummi Says:

    akak nak try pills kot. never ambik any contraceptive before. hat yang cucuk-cucuk or masuk-masuk ni, seram lah pulak. my appt khamis ni. like you, i also takut the pap smear part tu.. adeh.

  2. Farra Says:

    saya tak pernah amik apa2
    natural prevention ajek 😀

    pap smear pon tak pernah buat..mmg penakut..anak dah 2 ..tak pernah buat post natal check up

  3. Maya Says:

    i heard yg cucuk di lengan menarik juga.. that’s latest i think.

  4. Pinkwatch Says:

    Masa fahim, takut nak buat pap smear.. masa faris.. tetiba berani.. ada kesedaran sket.. tgk2 taksakit mane pon.. hehehehe.. so alhamdulillah.. selamat semua..

    contraception pulak, semua option yg ada, menyebabkan diri/badan saya kena sacrifice.. disebabkan kalau tak pakai apa2 pon, hormon saya sokmo tunggang terbalik lg dasyat dari puting beliung.. maka saya bertegas dengan diri sendiri (and my hubby). dia yg kena pakai protection… hahahahahahaah! alhamulillah.. setakat ni ok aje.. muahahahahahahahahah… takpe klu org nak kata saya selfish, tp saya sayang diri saya.. 😉

  5. Mak Jules Says:

    nokk vote vote gerak gempor no:6

  6. alin5479 Says:

    i dah buat! eikk! nak pengsan!
    my doc kata condom sudahhh…i trus jadik shy-shy like dat!=P

  7. mrs noba Says:

    i’ve done the pap-smear…
    xde apa kaezrin-no need to worry!

  8. yatipruzz Says:

    tryla pills kak. Saya mmg takut bab masukkan bendasing dlm badan ni..lagi comfy telan pills je 🙂

    pap smear sakit kejap je kan…:p

  9. Anonymous Says:

    why don’t you try implanon..can be lasted under the skin for 3 years, kalau nak conceive anytime boleh’s better than pill sebab selalu terlupa 🙂

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