the aftermath

I deserve a BIG pat on my back.

I did my pap smear today. So much I hate it but I actually did it without miss ok even macam nak terkucil inside my pants. If u didn’t go thru it, please ladies, go for it. Its for the benefit of us, u feel nothing ok. It sounds and look scary the important thing is for u gals to relax during it. 2-3 seconds and its done.

We also decided to dinch IUD and my gynae gave us time to think about IUS, Its close to RM1K (the thing+ consultation) for that small thang so I am now on depoprovera for the next 12weeks. Its the best method after our discussion to suit our needs for now. No disturbance to my breastfeeding journey, and will not caused terrible menses cycle like the last time and its covered under my insurance plan. ๐Ÿ˜› We have not decided on how many years we may want to wait for the arrival of baby#3, if any. So my gynae ask us to think first abt it or else it may not be a wise choice to commit for it if suddenly we want to take it out after a a short period of time.

Well, i am happy. Btw this is shot of the day ๐Ÿ˜›

Toodles peep.


9 Responses to “the aftermath”

  1. aisha Says:

    Kak ELin, montok nyer khazin…by the way, sakit ak pap smear tu?

  2. Ms Lola Says:

    The depoprovera ni hormonal can? (Belum check kat Wiki lg :P)

  3. haiza Says:

    serius nya khazin…nampaknya si khazin ni akan lagi besar dr abg dia..

  4. mrs noba Says:

    well done!
    IUS almost 1k?
    boleh tahan…

  5. elisataufik Says:

    i took depoprovera tapi tak syiok lah.. ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. angah Says:

    betoi… buat la pap smear tuh.. tak lama pun kan cuma ada sikit malu muauhahaha..

    Aku pakai IUCD and after 3 months nih mense pun ok.. so ok la tuh…

  7. Pinkwatch Says:

    tulah IUS kat sini free.. but yet still geli/takut nak pakai.. hahahaha..

    wah.. efi mmg nampak macam big boy.. dah makin macho!

  8. Erna Says:

    aku pun lepas je deliver, masa check-up 1month after deliver tu terus buat pap smear..senang. Hehe..tunggu2 sure malas and segan.
    adei..aku seriau la IUD/IUS..

  9. NadiahKhair Says:

    IUS yg mane eh? i pun tgh pk nak gune ape after the 2nd one.. from what i heard depo can cause weight gain..tapi xtahu la..becos the side effect ranges from one person to another..

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