choochoo train

We had a few mishap today. We decided to bring khazin to meet his paed. Disturbing to see how uncomfortable he has been sitting at with the phlegm seems stuck whenever he cough. A quick 20 minutes visit and he is all ok. It may get worst the paed said if we didnt treat it properly. Ader lil bit wheezing sound so he is on Promethazine, neulin and singular. Hope he will be well soon. Its a sad thing to see how suffer he is when he is coughing pretty bad. But he gains 500gm since our last visit the last time. So Khazin is now 6.7kg. A very good and positive growth. The Paed is very happy and she assured us insya allah all will be ok, as long as Khazin feeds well and on breastmilk I shall not be worry.

Moving on, we then leave Khazin under my MIL care for today. No nursery for today. Apparently mmg most infants are sick at his day care. Stress jugak but what to do the thing that we have to deal when sending our kids to day care kan. We had our brunch at GE mall, precisely at Cozy Corner. Efi was all estatic. Like a bonus for him. Hubby later drop both Khilfi and I at Ampang Park LRT station and we just reach the office abt 45 minutes ago. I am tired actually. Y

Well, the plan for the weekend will be:-

  1. Khilfi’s sport day tomorrow at Stadium Mini Shah Alam, Section 13 or something.
  2. Nate’s and Didie’s wedding
  3. BV outing

Itu ajer pun. I still hope I can get the cleaners to come and do some house cleaning.

Till then, toodles peep.


5 Responses to “choochoo train”

  1. CT Says:

    Pity little khazin…hope he’s getting better. Mesti x selesa kan…huhuhu

    As for Khifli…enjoy d sports day tomorrow ye…:) suh mama amik gamba bbanyak tau

  2. Anonymous Says:

    hi baby batuk berbulan2..asyik bawak jumpa doktor je mkn ubat ..naik risau lak asyik kasi ubat je..sampai bb pun tau time mkn ubat dia kasi tutup mulut dia…baru2 ni bawak jumpa ustaz minta dia ubatkan batuk..alhamdulillah ok sikit la..kuasa Allah kan…kita usaha…bb ni susah sikit la kan nak buang kahak..dorang tak pandai lagi..tu yang tak ilang2 batuk tu…maybe la…

  3. ummi Says:

    been there, i know how it feels when anak2 sakit. kalau boleh biar kita yang sakit kan. anyway, enjoy efi’s sports day tomorrow okies.

    i’ve been depending on cleaners since i was expecting Iman lagi. tak larat makcik nak buat semua weh.

  4. okinokiyo Says:

    hi..i think i saw u this morning in dr kumari clinic rite??i am ur silent reader.then told my husband i think i know la that lady.coz i heard ur husband calling Efi masa dia main slide tu.Tapi tak tau nak tegur mcmna coz i dunno how to introduce myself.silly me! anyway..kazin mmg nampak semangat!

  5. Zatul Says:

    awww…get well soon Khazin!
    Mesti dia semangat mcm Efi masa bb dulu gak… so gerammm!
    p/s: want to see some pics from nate’s wedding!

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