Latest shot cucu Haji Noor

First grandson, Khilfi Ezzan

First grandaughter, Nik Adriana

Second grandson, Khazin Ezzan

Mama, I wish u r around to see these cheeky faces. You are deeply missed!


7 Responses to “Latest shot cucu Haji Noor”

  1. Kopi Suam Says:

    hensem…toemeiii and cute..

  2. Anonymous Says:

    kiut lah efi ….cheeky…ernie

  3. haiza Says:

    ni kalau bawa tiga tiga kuar sekali mesti ingat adik beradik…kiut giller semuanyer..

  4. ummi Says:

    efi -> cheeky tapi ensem
    khazin -> garang tapi kiut
    nina -> comelsss.. makes me want to have another girl lah pulak..

  5. Anonymous Says:


    p.s: nak baby girl pulakkk!! hehehe


  6. mom2Que Says:

    allaalala khazin sekali senyum cairrrr.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Supposedly a happy entry tapi biler baca tang ayat last tuh ,,,jadik sedey laks..coz I pun selalu ckp cam tuh “kalau lah mama ader dot dot dot” …
    btw luv ur blog!!


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