its faster than ever

I think this ship is going to sink faster than I imagine, at least in my position. Despite all the so called ‘convincing’ email shooted by the GM its still not good enuff. Few people has been going in-out for interviews at other department and I am counting days too. Hope something good will turns up for me. Even I am so called grounded as being under groupie of so called ‘ expert’ for the project we are doing, but not so much of being the expect when at the end of the day you will be the last one floating with no place to go. Uwaaaaaaaaaaa..


Btw, I am craving for Dim Sum Quality Hotel. Jules, date next friday on okeh?

Till then, toodles peep.


5 Responses to “its faster than ever”

  1. CT Says:

    Lor…siannye…hope your prayer will turn up good in your mine devision got lots of vacant should you wanna try..:) But the bosses wanted some one from accounting background..;)

  2. zatul Says:

    nak ikut! nak ikut! oh, I so wanna that Chee Cheong Fun!!!!

  3. Ms Lola Says:

    Oh, I think we are in the ‘similar but not the same’ ship 😉

  4. IbuHaziq Says:

    dim sum at quality hotel???wowww…yummylicious…have fun 🙂

  5. emly2175 Says:

    so sad la if this is true.. I guess current CEO is not the same like the previous one.. Thank God hubby is no longer there. Hope good things to come your way dear.. dim sum? hemmm, so yummy & fattening too.. 😉

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