After 5 days of break, I am back at the office. Phuh! House already cleared from all mess, health has been sort of restored back to its normal rythm. I have been sick for the past few days. Still on antibiocs and few more pills. But my coughing is not that bad already but my flu I guess macam nak stay within me forever.

The kids are okay now. Khazin is all well, alhamdulillah. All out rolling over left and right. Even can terlentang balik baik punyer! Khilfi still have tad bit of coughing and this morning comes up with few drama after 3 days of ponteng sekolah. 😛

Anyway with what happening here and there i definitely need a break la. Where to go or what to do without breaking too much money in the bank account huh???

Till then, toodles peep


7 Responses to “huffin!”

  1. aida Says:

    ape kate gi kedai buku? HAHA

  2. ummi Says:

    aida ~ pi kedai buku pun boleh sengkek apa… ambik tu ambik ni, bila nak bayor, terkedu jap.

  3. mom2Que Says:

    i too need the break. baru book swiss garden kuantan. jadila for a short break. nak itutt? hehe

  4. kaezrin Says:

    aida: i still have tonnes of book to be read due to my over supply of books bebaru ni…

    ummi: betul rabak jugak kan…

    moli: amboi berjalan sakan…best jugak kan…we may go for a short stint somewhere nearby too…smlm baru ckp ngan hubby..mmg kenala…

  5. Farra Says:

    k elin, if me..i go to baking class..tak koyak pon duit bank..fee sgt berpatutan..rasanya masa bake and deco kek sy dpt melepaskan tension kerjaa ;)..bulan ni nk gi satu kelas but boss freeze my leave sbb X5

  6. mom2Que Says:

    oh elin, if you ever wanna try the baking class, let me know. i nak join together-gether.

  7. kaezrin Says:

    i so wanna try baking but kena tunggu khazin besar sikit kot…rasa mcm sayu ajer nak leave him around on weekend,…d only time nak galok2 ngan dier…

    anyway farra dat is a good suggestion..and moli i will let u know if i wanna go to any of the baking classes ok…

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