Playtex Original Soft Bottle Liners

I swear for this invention. So, I am willing to help a friend to promote this. Good for working mom or any mom who is pumping their milk and need a sterile storage solution, space saving indeed. This is how it looks like in real action. CLICK HERE.

Playtex Original Soft Bottle Liners are easy to insert – the curved bottom allows for simple insertion into holder. They are ideal for breast milk storage. To seal bags, you may use rubber bands, wire tie or plastic sealing clips.

# Can be used with all bottles.

# Pre-sterilized for convenience and cleanliness.

# Contain ounce markings and space to mark the date and time you prepared the breast milk.

# Available in 4 oz (100pcs/box) and 8 oz sizes (125pcs/box).

Price 4 oz (RM39.90) and 8oz (RM52.90)

Shipment will be RM5(Klang Valley), RM6 (Semenanjung Malaysia) and RM7 (Sabah & Sarawak)

Thank you.

5 Responses to “Playtex Original Soft Bottle Liners”

  1. Ms Lola Says:

    At first, I thought it was a tampon box :p.

  2. kaezrin Says:

    kakakaka…i got u there.. 😛

  3. CikPuanMuda Says:

    ye la.. ingatkan tampon tadi.. malu haku =P

  4. angah Says:

    elin.. aku ada sekotak baru luak 2 or 3 helai jek

    Ko nak tak? aku nak bagi free jek ni

    yang 4oz punya

  5. anedra Says:

    Hie, I’ve been looking all over for this! How can I buy this?

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