i am a bad mommy

I am the most obnoxious careless and guilty mother. I dunno what happened but i was so careless that I let Khazin co- sleep on the bed with me and suddenly I dunno how he falled down hard on the floor. I am so helpless. I cried when he cried and i still cried even after he settled down. He is all ok, no bruises and all. He is his usual self this morning. Feed well. No throwing up, rolling over and over like usual. I usually put him back in his cot once he finished his feed but dunno wht gets into me last night.

We are monitoring khazin till tonight. The paed said within 24 hours if he is all ok, we should not be worries. Oh dear, he is only 3 months and 17 days. Efi first falled from the bed when he is almost 8 months old. Yeah, now all my sons had that history and few more incident for Khilfi as well there after. I vowed I shall be extra careful with the BIG CAPITAL C. Khazin is so lasak so must remember not to leave him unattanded and by all means he must be in his cot if i were to do aything no matter how bad he is wailing(not that he has been wailing pun). Oh baby dearie, mama feel exteremely bad and guilty abt this incident.

Moving on, I finally make a progress with my reading. I’ve been so slow in that department ever since I started working again. Finally done with 3 books and finished one this morning while pumping my milk. I also mark on interesting recipe to try one fine day. 😛

Oh I still feel guilty and uneasy even after the caretaker had assured Khazin is all ok like his usual self just now. Poor my lil baby. I feel bad. bad bad. Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is not a good feeling. Stresss mak oiiiiiiiii

Well, i need sugar to release this up. I dun get my cake yesterday. its sold out. wtf!

Oh well, till then, toodles peep.

p/s: I missed it, sorry Kak Su. Happy belated birthday. Wishing u a pink of health always, glorious and prosperous year and always stay cool 😛


12 Responses to “i am a bad mommy”

  1. syau Says:

    i went crazy too when my baby son fall from bed. he cried, i cried even worse. naik benjol dahi anakku masa tu, tapi alhamdulillah he was all ok then.

    but as orang tua cakap, baby ni kalau jatuh malaikat sambut – i think its true. so chin up elin, go and grab ur sugar.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    take it easy..insyaallah ok….well, shit happens…no matter how careful we are! doa as much as u could. ernie

  3. aida Says:

    relax kak elin.. fahri johan jatuh katil.. sampai tak terkira, aida lagi careless tau

    p/s: buku cecilia ahern tu nak pinjam. semenjak dua menjak ni, slow ler baca buku

  4. Pinkwatch Says:

    take it easy elin.. fahim dulu 2 bulan dah roll over jatuh katil atas marble pulak tu! panik tak ingat.. tp InsyaAllah khazin ok. kata org2 tua, malaikat sambut.. bunyi mmg kuat tp InysaAllah semua ok… take care ok..

    baru2 nie faris pulak jatuh tangga tinggi pulak tu.. main ngan abang dia.. sedar2 hidung berdarah banyak giler.. panik tatau nak kata.. so tenangkan diri dulu.. basuh hidung dia.. dan terus call nhs direct… nasib baik ok tak yah pegi spital pon.. buas/aktif budak2 ni tatau la nak kata.. pengsan!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    aiman – 2 kali

    akmal – 6 kali kot

    we all have that 🙂

    so jgn tensen2.

    tapi anak no 2 mmg lasak + buas tau! hehehehehe


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Assalamualaikum Elin,

    SK dulu pun umur baru dua bulan macam tu, dua kali kot jatuh dari katil. KS tinggalkan tidur atas katil mak abah SK, pergi dapur masak, dapur sebelah bilik tidur [Wales]. Ingatkan dia belum pandai roll over, sekali berdebuk bunyi jatuh. Tapi Alhamdulillah ok je. Sihat walalfiat selalu sampai laa..

    T/kasih atas ucapan. 🙂 Petang tadi cari f magnet. Teringat Elin suka f mgt. Nantilah bila lapang. Pos sekali dengan yang Chiangmai & Melb.

    Salam dari Beijing.

  7. Erna Says:

    dont worry bebeh! insyaallah ok! Damia & Danish pun pernah jatuh katil hehe.. Danish ntah berapa kali daa..plus jatuh main dulu (yg sampai Danish pengsan kejap tuh!! naik giler mak masa tuh okeh!) monitor all if takde muntah etc should be ok! insyaallah.
    Enjoy your dim-sum 😉 mak tak dapat join this time la.. huhuhu.. org mau pasang langsir :(jelesssnya! teringin chee chong funnn and porridge jugak!!!

  8. ummi Says:

    accident happens elin. jgn stress2 okies. Khazin dah ok kan, u should be happy. what’s more important is to learn from our mistake/carelessness.

  9. ummi Says:

    btw – that playtex liner kan, can it be warmed-up in bottle warmer directly? i used avent / medela / playtex liner. plastik tu tak cair ke?

  10. Syawa Says:

    yo elin… i lak yang seriau baca. khazin is very advance. arif dah 4 1/2 bulan baru nak roll-over tapi all-in-one back to tummy and tummy to back, milestones sekali gus 🙂

    don’t worry, we’re just supermoms and human beings too. hopefully things are better soon.

    p/s: jealous u ada masa nak berblogging. my blog dah lama tak update 😉

  11. Farra Says:

    sis, alhamdulillah khazin ok….we learn from past mistakes..i did too last yr to my lil Mawaddah sob sob 😦 , kene jahit jari sebab terkena tin nenas

  12. haiza Says:

    a’ah. elin, dont worry laa..anak aku pun banyak kali jatuh katil, hilang satu benjol, tambah benjol baru..alhamdulillah semua ok, dan semakin pandai anak aku.wakakak

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