Ezzans’ update

Happy 4 mos old Khazin darling.
Phew. How fast the time flies kan? Well, for the past 2 days Khazin did had a slight changes in his habit. Yeah the old saying keep on insisting the babies usually had a change of habit or routine whenever he/she turns a month old.

He wants us to be with him all the time. He cant be left unattended at ALL. Adoi. Challenging when we just got back from a trip, bags need to be unpack, tonnes of washing and folding of clothes to be done, ironing for next day to work clothing and gazillion tonnes of other things. Last night, he practically rejected his cot at all.

But whenever we are with him, he put on his cheeky face, smiling and he is on playing mode again. Sabar jela.

Well, hope this is temporary.

Whatever it is, he is growing well. I think i need to upgrade my boy to size L diapers soon. I am not starting him on solid yet. Still fully breastfeed. He enjoys mirror and seeing his face on it and get this, vain pot ok depan camera. I like!

Abang also is going to be another month old tomorrow. More independent but still manja tahap dewa. He is getting well at school after about 4 months of not attending it pre and post my pregnancy. Eating well again and kind of papa big helper these days. Alhamdulillah.

So peeps, here is my angel.

7 Responses to “Ezzans’ update”

  1. CT Says:

    waaa khazian dah nak kene pakai diapers size L…wohohohohoho…really “I wanna grow up” ehehe..
    humayraa is maintaining her weight at 8kg..ehehe

  2. CT Says:

    alamak..silap eja khazin..sowwy

  3. ummi Says:

    walla… L tu…
    Adam is still very comfy in his S. Org berat 6kg dah berketul2, anak akak tu tak berketul2.. seketul jek!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I like the way how khazin looks at that thingy, lupa dah aku apa namanya, like he’s aware of the colours, alert sort of thing.

    I’m happy as well it’s being utilised, compared to kat rumah nieh nak kena tunggu aku belikan bukunya baruulahhhhh digunakan takpun dijahanamkan oleh si hyper dua orang tuh!


  5. Anis Says:

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  6. Farra Says:

    cute la depa ni 😀

  7. The Queen Bee Says:

    comellnyee!! cepat je khazin besar kan. ape rasa ade 2nd baby ek? sama x perasaan spt anak 1st?

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