Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse.

Khilfi is officially Mickey Mouse avid fan. Anything about Mickey will cheer up his day, even RM2 colouring book from some RM2 shop. Like this one, is all things he grabs at Tesco. If u see his room now, pening kepala. Now he is addicted to the new Mickey story book from PHDC published by pelican. We bought one in forthnight. Baru ader 2 books and slowly Khilfi already memorize the whole content and pestering us everyday to get him the new book.
So this is it, Khilfi Ezzan Mickey Mouse.


6 Responses to “Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse.”

  1. mrs noba Says:

    chomel nyer minat mickey mouse…
    power rangers, ultraman sumer bagai dia tak suka?

  2. kaezrin Says:

    mrs noba: efi mmg PHDC nyer fan..itu sj..takde beyuond itu…so i should be thankful kot ntahlah..but mmg mickey all d way dr kecik lagi…

  3. CT Says:

    kiutttttttttttt..i like mickey too…n d stuff..o yeaaaaa heaven..hahaha

  4. mamasyazmar Says:

    mcm nak kena bwk dia gi HK disneyland jeee…..for sure he’ll go berserk!!!

  5. Erna Says:

    elin, sama dengan anak2 aku.. selain PHDC tak reti hahaha… tapi sejak Damia dah besar sket ni, dia boring ngan PHDC je, so dah play around with NICKELODEON/DISNEY etc..kesian kat Danish la sebab dia still with PHDC jerr!

  6. nor-mommy2H Says:

    hafiy plak elmo..everything about elmo n gang would make his day!sampaikan dlm toilet cover mat etc semua elmo tau!

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