Japanese Cotton from DUBAI

  1. Flowery Pinkish
  2. design 54

All kain RM100 except design 51, 52 and 53 for RM125.

Postage is RM7 per piece and additional RM2 for each piece for Klang Valley. Semenanjung Malaysia starts at RM8 per piece.
Term and conditions still applies as buying tudung dubai. Thank u

7 Responses to “Japanese Cotton from DUBAI”

  1. invest stocks Says:

    yeah! its much better,

  2. car audio Says:

    hi!nice blog,visit me sometimes

  3. Tyha Says:

    Berapa meter ye kain2 ni?

  4. kaezrin Says:

    4metre awak

  5. Tyha Says:

    4 meter.Sedang difikirkan…berkenan kat design 55.Tengah fikir ni…match x dengan kain baju melayu anak2 dan suami.Cantik2lah elin…corak2 dia.

  6. Memey Anuar Says:

    kakakkkk..masuk sini from blog leed. kain2 cotton ni ade lagi x? sukaaaa..

    kalau kt Klang V xleh self pick up ke? kene post jugak? TQ

  7. Mommy AA Says:

    boleh order lagi ke cotton2 ni?

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