my ship is here..

Ada rasa da’ bomb bila pakai ‘bantal’ baru ari ni. My hubby was complaining coz I have yet to officiate my new bag. So this morning I made some effort in transferring all stuffs from the old bag to another one.

Well, moving on, tomorrow’s trip is confirmed. I am leaving KL around 630am and hoping to reach Ayer Keroh by 8+am. Bohsan but work is work that need to go on. Tomorrow also will be a big restructuring meeting for my dept. We will finally know where are we heading. Despite my new appoinment letter the future of this ship has yet to be determine. Either this dept will sustain or we will be transferred stock and barrel to another dept. whatever it is my job is not slowing down at all. Stress ok!

till then, toodles peep. take care. 😛


3 Responses to “my ship is here..”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    awak pegi outstation tinggal khazin-yang-comel-lagi-ensem tu dengan sape ? meh hantar sini meh ..auntie bleh bleh spoil dia secara belebihan ….


  2. kaezrin Says:

    issshhhh mana lagi mak mertua ku…mak balik hari ok…even benda tuh 3 days..pagi2 kuar malam balik…berulang okeh….sdadisss..kalau aunty rini duk sebelah rumah mahu ku antar kan…

  3. NadiahKhair Says:

    mak gmbr bantal??
    mau tgkkkkk….sure da bomb. 😀

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