money do grow on the tree what???

Few years ago, under the mission of saving up more and disciplining myself better, I took an ASB loan with an atractive interest rate. Chewah!

Yeap! For a mere couple of hundred bucks everymonth I am slaving myself to pay it and at the same time I do additional salary deduction via the company to add more to my saving for my ASB savings too.

Come today when everything is so super duper expensive and my nafsu membeli which is increasing rapidly(whats new here) i think it is a waste of energy to still pay for the loan where i hafta pay additional interest everymonth. So today, I called the bank and paid a full settlement of the amount and in a week time i am somehow will be richer. Yihaaa!

I need to split the amount to top up back my saving of other account. Standardla pinjam poket kiri nak cover poket kanan and all. And most important now, I have the extra bucks every month for other means rather than ‘mengkayakan’ bank ittew lagi.

Well, itu ajer pun citer ari ni. But look what has arrived on my table this morning at the office. Yippieyeayeay!


6 Responses to “money do grow on the tree what???”

  1. aida Says:

    ehem… kayo makcik kek kito ni.. jangan lupe date kat san francisco keh 😛

  2. kaezrin Says:

    ok buleh d date on me ok…tp tunggulah sijil asb clear dulu ok.. 😛

  3. ummi Says:

    laptopkah itu? atau portable tv? nak pi beli tibi kecik satu. tak larat den nak layan 611-616 tetiap ari. tu tak masuk cd tranformers segala tu.

  4. CT Says:

    amboiiiii kayo eh..

    eh by d way, kitorang agree with the price yg kak elin ckp kat my hubby aritu…so ada mau? ehehe

  5. Tyha Says:

    Wah..bestnya…brng apa tu Elin?

  6. Hana Muhd Idris Says:

    mmg sedap letak dalam keta kalau travel jauh tuh! takde la boring sgt asyik dengar cd je berulang kali 😀

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