my horror

guess what??

I am at cybercafe now which is full with students who didnt go for friday prayers playing some online games and swearing non stop.


If not becos of the online booking that I desperately need to do, I wont risk mylife inside here.

I’m outta here


3 Responses to “my horror”

  1. Kopi Suam Says:

    apalah nak jadi dengan anak2 bangsa ku sekarang ini 😦

  2. haiza Says:

    sedih nya..dgn budak2 zaman skrg..takutnya aku ada 2 anak laki…waaa

  3. neo Says:

    masalahnya diorg ni terlalu addicted to games… aku dulu pun camtu jugak.. tp zaman skrg lg ganas.. x bg duit, mak bapak dikapaknya…

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