of bit and pieces

busy banget.

YM biol dah kat office..on/off tahap dewa kelapan..i am 100% on Gtalk except at home YM and Skype will be on. Easiest way email me for anything ok.

Work is driving me super duper crazy too. The co. has shrinked my dept from 50+ bussines Analyst to 15 head count including of 1 GM and 3 Project Mgr(obviously I am one of the 15). And I got the official post at kotak 25 ok. But my body grade is long way to go, letter already issued for a post at that 25 box. I am thankful to God but at the same time merah telinga menahan sindiran kat office. yes, iam barely 3yrs joining the co. and the dept. Yet well those people never realised that what we have now has been my baby from Day 1 of me joining in. Obviously I have few people I am indebted for, and I thank u all for what I am now.

Moving on, got a new toy for our household. It look kewl now on our shelving rack. Alah, its only a Philips micro hi-fi system, it will look better if we wall mounted it. Project weekend la kot.

eh oklah, I badly need a sleep now. Been up since 4am pagi td. Pening kepala mak.


3 Responses to “of bit and pieces”

  1. ummi Says:

    wiiiii…. my box is 24. good for you dapat 25, there’s still room to grow.

  2. kaezrin Says:

    kak ti box ajer 25 tp as i told u before my body grade way down the drain..but janji2 manis GM nak cepat2 promote me sbb dier kata kesian i mmg under grade yg amats..ceitt tahu takpe…

  3. NeroEcha Says:


    Selamat berkenalan…want to put blog to my list blogger yer..

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