Jalan-jalan cari pasal

1) Macy trip
Intention just to check out the appreciation offer. Ended up with more basket, vases and flowers. And we cant stick to the basic upholstery, moi truly strecth the budget to the max by choosing premium collection. Sorry darling. Almost bought a new carpet for the house but managed to cool down and dinch the thought.

2) World wide web
Totally war zone. Seriously. Bila dah tekan sana sini, try and error sana sini, opssss beli jugak. Adoi. Its going to be fun anyway and now I cant wait.

3) Makcik urut
I am on heel banned. My nerves in dire need to rest. Thanx to tremendous visit to IT support office on top fo the hills twice per day for the past few weeks and various training session where required me to run here and there. Being on my heel at least 12 hours daily cause a massive nerve tersimpul sana sini. Now, orthopedic and makcik urut had given me full restriction on heels. Reason to shop for nice walking shoes/wedges/flats to match all my outfit. šŸ˜› First trip anticipated to Garden this afternoon. Start small at Isetan prolly. Later. šŸ˜›

Till then, toodles peep.


One Response to “Jalan-jalan cari pasal”

  1. ummi Says:

    ada aje alasan nak shopping ek šŸ˜›

    macy – dah berzaman tak pegi. ni tgh angan2 nak beli sofa baru nih. la la

    kasut – on the other hand, akak mmg tak reti pakai kasut ada heels tinggi. kalau tak, harus tetiap hari bergolek2 dari annexe ke bawah nun. the good news is, my feet somehow grew during my pregnancy and it’s time for new pairs of shoes. i like!

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