Pre-Ramadhan special stock

Point to note:
T1 = Tudung Dubai with Patterns (RM40 each)
T5 = Tudung Dubai with Net Material (RM45 each)
Limited stock.
Pls read T&C before ordering.

p/s: U can still order SOME of the design from my previous post. Just place your request/order i will try to fulfil it.

OUT OF STOCK as of 28th august
Black 4 T1
Grey 1 T1

2 Responses to “Pre-Ramadhan special stock”

  1. nett Says:

    hi elin…

    nak tanya la…
    tudung ni mmg kecik mcm tu ek?
    dia tak besar ek?

  2. et Says:

    sy nak bli la …tp cm mane nak order nie ….first time nak beli online ….he..he.. xtau nak wat cm mane

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