Saya rindu kamu…

So, by request from many readers, presenting the latest of Tintin and Bobot (Khilfi and Khazin)

They are angel sent from heaven.

Khilfi the tintin has been very good with school and things whereabout at home. Kehulu hilir with his mickey book and insisting on wearing his seen-better-days yellow mickey shirt. I make do with it kes malas nak bertekak. Lenjan jela Efi. He started showing some of never seen writing ability. and the latest, he painted his desk and chair in his room. And it looks just like a piece of disturbing art now. Aghhh! So much for letting him goes free flow on it. 😛

My bobot is very easy going baby. He normally sleeps well during our berbuka and sahur. Ader 1-2 cases jelah where he joins us in. He will sit in his bumbo seat on the table and i let him play with a piece of gardenia bread. Tak makan pun, dier acah ajer masuk mulut and lepas tuh pi lunyaikan. 😛

Agh, its going to be a bliss kalau buleh duduk rumah ngan depa ajer.

Well, toodles peep.


2 Responses to “Saya rindu kamu…”

  1. Kopi Suam Says:

    wah bobot jugak ke….heeh heehh ilman pun bobot jugak…

  2. dina Says:

    hi elin,

    am one of the avid readers of ur blog. Nak tanya bumbo seat tu secure x for babies? thot of buying one for my son tapi takut menggelongsor budak tu…


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