jumaat barakah*updated*

hari ni saya cuti yer puan-puan. Agenda for today:- *UPDATED*

  1. Bring khazin to his paed for his 3rd triple antigen jab
  2. PNB office trip to cash in my sijil AS*B (hohoho) *aiyo x sempat so no extra molah yet*
  3. Bank in my insurance dividend cheque *cheque cleared now imagining on what to spend*
  4. Wedges hunting *got 1 extra walking sandals and 1 black heel*
  5. Scout new crocs n pj’s for Khilfi * no isetan trip has been done, so KIV dulu*
  6. Pick up Adik bedding sheet from Nykolett
  7. Jalan-jalan cari pasal @ klcc/pavillion managed to belaja berhemah sbb pi book book ajer dulu…kakakkaakak…esok lusa baru pi pick up and bayar…tunggu #2 selesai

Ok, kiter tgk hat mana kena strike or kena tambah ok.



3 Responses to “jumaat barakah*updated*”

  1. fynn Says:

    You should go to Chanel Fragrance & Beauty Sale at Level 25, UBN Tower, Jln P.Ramlee =)

  2. mimielola Says:

    U mmg carik pasal, tau..

  3. Wawa Says:

    elin, i dah receive the tudung.



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