Latest UPDATE: mari tabur duit di warehouse sale

Aghh, kenapa time hari meeting back to back dr pagi sampai petang kaedahnya, berlaku benda benda seperti:-

  1. Valiram Group warehouse sale, Grand Millenium Hotel KL 19-21/9
    [update: a fren of mine went along, took her 1 hour just to get in and the cheapest coach bag is price at RM680 for a small tiny bag and wallet goes at RM35o for small one, so go figure, the rest sume ampeh2 belaka….beyond my reach la thank god, x sempat nak berjuang disitu]
  2. Private invitation Selvatore Ferragamo At Park Royal KL 19 -21/9
    [checked out with the SA at Gardens just now its the winter/autumn 2007 collection which is on sale at this. Well, xde ralat sgt as what I like pun ader on sale at Gardens cuma contemplating still]
  3. Isetan members day sale 19-21/9
    [some tiny minor scale damage, the usual tops purchase and some 70% baju basahan for the kids, oklah..not bad not bad..]

If not, harus mak dah cuti hari ni. perfect timing sbb Duit belanja raya pun dah dpt. 😛 Syukur.

Maybe Tuhan dah plan something else for me kot erk. (menyedapkan hati sbb tgh stress duduk dlm miting ni…uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, last2 buat impending quick trip ke TTDI jelah this afternoon or can still manage to squeeze Garden’s trip kot erkk) Yes i went to Garden for a quick 1 hour shop

Apa pun, have a nice day and happy weekend ahead.



4 Responses to “Latest UPDATE: mari tabur duit di warehouse sale”

  1. mimielola Says:

    Oh, No. 2 tu pun I rasa macam nak pegi, tp….. Parkroyal?? Hmm… (Tp dekat je ngan umah). Duit raya pun dah ada.

  2. Kopi Suam Says:

    selamat berpuasa and selamat bershopping elin….mesti banyak durian runtuh ni..

    confirm badan aje ada dalam bilik meeting tu fikiran jauh dah teringat shopping…harus tak sabar nak kuo meeting camni kan heehh heehh…

  3. mimielola Says:

    A little update (since I couldn’t reply your SMS). I went to MV this afternoon. Tak beli apa2. Beli barang2 mandi saje.

  4. Tukang Karut Says:

    Oits Kak! Sapu habis hadiah nampak? Hahaha… share la sikit.

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