Little munchkins berhari raya

I am back at the office today. Still in the midst of sorting my email and perfect timing, my notebook decided to play hanky today. Suddenly I cant open any email with attachement, then it run out of space. Then it need to be restart and blablabla.. Its about time kena campak dalam laut kot.

I do not have that much story to tell about raya. Most of the time saw me pigging out so many dishes on the table. I have been eating too many plates of red meats from rendang to gulai nasi minyak. Damn! In dire need to clean up my body sikit. But its to hard to say NO to the super power kick rendang and delicious yummilicious nasi minyak. I have not gained any kilos, surprisingly.

Well, its kind of odd anyway coz my brother is not around, but with 3 munckins in the house, of dear, it is super havoc. Syiok ok, kejap2, efi berek itu tak kena ini tak kena, thank God the TV downstairs in Kt is now on Astro too, so its PHDC 24-7, and its air conditioned living room already(its a New News for you Aa). Khazin and Nina are like connecting via telephathy. They decided to cried together all the time. Boleh? But its fun and I missed all the moments again.

Sit back and enjoy some of the snapshot. I am slowly updating raya pics at my Flickr. Still stuck at 1st day raya pics.

Efi is trying to self capture his own face. Tgklah tak dan nak lari duduk depan camera after few attemps baru jadi.

Tahan separuh hari ajer berbaju melayu, panas, terus salin, Mmg in the mood bergambar sgt mamat ni.

Takde gambar 3 munckins together. Efi mogok amik gambar lps semayang raya, candid shot jelah kalau lucky. Stress mak. But still aderlah few shot worth to keep. Stay tune at Flickr

p/s: Dilla, sorry not able to visit u on first day tuh, busy jalang rumoh anok beranok ajer, mmg dok dang nok jenguk org bukit payung lasung!


5 Responses to “Little munchkins berhari raya”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    halamak …budak baju belang tu ….comel amat amat !!
    Dah laa putih melepak, bibir merah, pipi laboh.

    ni cubit sedap nih. siap lee ko khazin bolan doblas abih seme kena cubit.


  2. iamja Says:

    lain aku tengok muka khazin ngan efi. maybe sbb efi dah kurus. tapi khazin ngan nina banyak rupe sama. best tengok gambar budak2 nie.

  3. mom2que Says:

    haihhhh buah hati i sorang tuh bukan main lagi leher pun dah hilang. elin i confirm nak dtg rumah u raya ni nak cubit2 manja sikit adik bam2 tu boleh??

    gigi efi sgt la hensem ditambah2 dgn dimplenya muahaha

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Elin!!Hope you had a great one! Dah besar dah anak-anak you dear and they are such adorable!! Take care!

    Fasha (Stuttgart)

  5. aida Says:

    wow… khazin, membesar bagaikan johan. boleh buat iklan susu ibu nieee 🙂

    selamat hari raya to you also kak

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