Last nite, I managed to sneak-a-peek at the contains of my stuffs in the wardrobe. Masya Allah, when I sneak a peek at Efi’s plak, lagilah haru. So people I am selling more stuffs. Some shoes for ladies(charles and keith size 9 ok) , adidas sandal worn twice for raya last year(kids) and few more branded boys clothing and some plus size blouses which never seen the sun at all. Terperuk dlm almari last2 tak pakai pun. Apa hal nya kan?

Serious mmg kena clearkan, to make way for something else la plak.

Watch out my sales blog in 1-2 days time.


2 Responses to “decluttering”

  1. mommy Says:

    size 9? hmm…that’s my size. huhuhu

  2. zamnzara Says:

    Think I hv to start a sales blog too. Mek kecik zara tu got more than 10 pairs of shoes some not even worn yet tp dah kecik cenonet.

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