8kg baby

Senyum simpul anak teruna….dah 8 kg smlm timbang during his paed visit ..

Khazin got his prevenar shot yesterday. Prevenar is a vaccine to help prevent from pneumococcal disease. What is pneumococcal disease?

Pneumococcal meningitis is among the most destructive forms of bacterial meningitis in the UK (after meningitis B) and is among the most destructive in terms of death and permanent disability. One child out of every five who contracts the disease will die, while half of those who survive will be left with some level of disability ranging from brain damage to deafness6. Pneumonia caused by the pneumo bug can occur much more often than pneumonia caused by other bugs and many children have to see their GP or go to hospital because of it.

He is due for his 2nd, last shot in 6 weeks time. He looks all fine, syukur.

So, sapa nak cubit khazin dulu?? kena que ok..muakakakakakak


3 Responses to “8kg baby”

  1. cik puan daun Says:

    arghhhh!! comel.. aku nak tengok gambar dia selalu2.. biar anak aku secomel khazin..

  2. OndeOnde Says:

    my niece pun 8kg jugak but she’s just 3 months old!!! *cubit pipi khazin*

  3. lyein Says:

    sama berat ngan dhia yg dh sethn lebey…kecek je anak dara aku tu kan…

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