takde tujuan atau tajuk

Still in visiting mode. Yeah, the endless open house lists and also weddings. Phuh! mmg bercinta buat wedding time syawal ni. So far we didnt get trapped in any road congestion as we always choose to pay and get into the highway. We go to KL using KL-Putrajaya, we even sometimes took longer route to Damansara to avoid LDP madness. All worth it compare to spend 2-3 hours in the car. Like yesterday, we first attend a neighbour do, then off to Serdang, next we went to Sri Kembangan and later to another 2 house in Bkt jelutong. Penat seh but worth it. Or else susah nak jumpa and get together right.

Due to all these, I still have 3 days of clothes need to be fold. Aghh! Tonight I need to complete it or else new batch coming in will create mountain high stuffs in my room. Bosan. Its not helping when it always rain. Dont get start on “i should have get a dryer”. I choose not to. I macam kureng minat for no obvious reason. Takde lah critical sgt yet!

Aik, apa lak mak citer pasal dryer.

Moving on, for those who already order your tudung before raya, pls check your email. Tudung has arrived and I need payment asap before I can post your tudung. Or else I will resell it to others who is waiting eagerly on it.

And apa kes keje mak tak kurang2 ni? Dah nak year end but keje makin banyak. Bila mak boleh cuti ni…?? stressss….



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