the result…

8 physio sessions…

8 freakin sessionss..dang!

I better make sure my back heal faster n back to normal coz its definitely scary to think dat MRI scan is waiting in line..

well..dats it…its a fatal back pain due to wrong postures of me during maybe sittinf..walking or during my breastfeeding journey since 5 yrs ago..and with me being overweight(yes i am…) its added to ithe pain..

Well..toodles peep!


3 Responses to “the result…”

  1. ummi Says:

    we all do what we have to do. 8 sessions huh? insyaAllah you’ll be fine.

  2. Pinkwatch Says:

    tell me about it!! I experience the same thing!! lepas beranak kedua la.. dalam faris lingkungan umur khazin.. lepas tu breast pulak ni.. saya syak sbb keje mengepam bersungguhan.. tatau lah… huhuhuhu…

  3. atie Says:

    elin… ni aku atie. aku pun ade gak this back pain problem. now everything dah ok. i've done MRI few time. ok jer… aku jumpa Dr Abdul Malik B. Mohamed Hussein
    M.B.B.S (Mal), F.R.C.S (Glasg), A.M (Orthopaedic, Trauma & Spine Surgeon)KPJ Damansara Specialist Hosp.
    try ler…

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