National Blog Posting Month

Hope I will be able to stick to 1 post per day for the whole month of November.

It’s midnight, and 1st Nov. I am craving for maggi goreng(fried instant noodle). dang!

We’re going to IKEA today and I hope I wont burst my budget at IKEA later. I hope. Some of the stuffs that I wanna check out/buy maybe:-

  • Table lamp for Khilfi’s room
  • Material for table cloth
  • Vases?
  • Potted plants
  • Clock for the living room
  • Photo frame
  • Strainer
  • glasses
  • Quilt cover for Khilfi’s
  • Cushion cover for living medium size
  • Burp cloth for Khazin
  • Artificial flowers

OMG, why the list is growing, only God knows. Let just pray I will not buy everything on the list and its only THE LIST, nothing else. As if?

Well, till then, later peeps.


2 Responses to “National Blog Posting Month”

  1. Nusayba Says:

    Nak join gak la.

    (an excuse to blog daily for no reason at all..heh)

  2. famyGirl Says:

    nak join jugak! (tapi bukan blog hari-hari, nak ikut pi ikea hee hee hee)

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