Sometimes small things can give big impact. And I am lvoing it, big time. We went to Ikea last saturday, and get ourselves a new 3 seater sofa, side table, rattan chair, rug and some storage systems. Overall, it was a fruitful day and both the boys were all excited. Even Khazin is cooperating well. Thank u my dear heroes. I am this close to get a new display cabinet as well but for now we put that on our KIV list i guess.
Anyway, I started on my physio session this evening. It was about 1.5hours. It started with some tests to identify the problematic areas. The nerves has been tied up, and my blood is not circulating well at that particular area and some other technical medical terms which I dont really get it. Lumbar 4,5 something. Whatever. We continued with some hot pack application which works well. I can easily fall alseep i bet. Later on another 20 minutes of cooling gel for ultrasound which will straight away give heating sensation at the identified area.
Then, my back was strapped with some belt and an electrical vibes treatment was next. It was kind of massage thingy which gives a big time tingling sensation. All these makes me looking forward for my next session. It just that to lie facing down is a big challenge when it comes to waking up after the session ended. However, it is satisfactory. This mild session as explained by the physiotherapist will continue for another 2 sessions. After that, I will move on to some stretching thingimajing. MRI scan maybe sooner coz it is quote bad. But no slip disc detected. Alhamdulillah.

I will be meeting the therapist again tomorrow evening. Hope its going to be as enjoyable as just now.

Well, that’s all. Toodles peep.


5 Responses to “stagnant”

  1. mrs noba Says:

    heh, get well soon!

  2. ummi Says:

    physio nyer kat mana? mana tau i’d bump into you. iman’s at gleneagles.

  3. kaezrin Says:

    mrs noba: thanx babe

    ummi: depan opis nih ajer…x leh gi glenagels la sbb nak cepat tgh2 busy ni x dan nak lari sana sini at least x yah drive jauh2…

  4. yatipruzz Says:

    kak…try to put some water into the vase…surely will create soothing effect whenever u look at the flowers 🙂

  5. kaezrin Says:

    good suggestion la awak..i will..thanx

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