New walking/working sandals

Lepas physio semalam gi BV masuk clarks terbeli ni plak…
Originally uploaded by Elin

I desperately need a decent sandals for work and leisure.

So, this will do justice to it. I lvoe it.


5 Responses to “New walking/working sandals”

  1. mimielola Says:

    I ada yg tu, in Blue!

  2. rozie Says:

    nampak mcm tinggi..tapi mmg lawa!

  3. YusVogue Says:

    cantik! moi dah banak kali try..tapi tak pernah beli lagi..hehe.. sebab tunggu my current HP wedges to worn off habis-habisan..huhu

  4. YusVogue Says:

    alamak typo
    banak = banyak

  5. The Queen Bee Says:

    i have this one! very comfyy!

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