Khazin definitely following his brother’s habit. When Khilfi was less than 1 year old, he was not avid user or that fond of car seat or stroller. He sat in it yes, but not for long. He get bored easily. Same goes to his brother. A short trip is fine, but for so long, no tricks will do, unless he fall asleep. But these days, khilfi cant get enuff of his car seat and stroller. He definitely LOVE it big time. We do hope Khazin will switch his love-hate relationship to these two faster than his older brother.

When he started to get i-hate-to-be-in this seat, pls pick me up moment, I will get my Lucky saviour. Yes, I am a proud mother who is babywearing my son. It’s not a fancy pick me up sling, just one simple pouch sling that I bought from Moli, of I used it since Khazin is just merely getting to know the malls and following us for a quick groceries shop at tesco. Last time, he will fall asleep instantly being in that pouch. But he has outgrown it, now I carry him like a kangaroo. 😛 It is definitely comfy. I dun feel a thing carrying it. That’s how i survive my 7 hours trip to Ikea/Ikano last weekend. Its either he is asleep in his stroller or awake and ditch his seat so he will be in my pouch like Joey, the baby kangaroo. I dun have a picture of Khazin n myself yet, will snap one soon. But its purely my must-have mother-son gear. This is the picture from on how Khazin is actually ‘melekat’ to me.

I have a mommies blogger fren like Wawa and Halina who are so into it. And I also wanna get hold of Mei Tai but Halina advised me to go and try first.I shall make a mental note to attend one of their get together, asyik2 busy manjang. Anyway, I am looking forward for the International Babywearing Week from November 12-18, 2008 with the theme “Celebrate Babywearing”. Isnt it cool.

In conjuntion of that, you and me, can stand a chance to win a gorgeous Mei Tai from SnuggBaby. How?

Direct excerpt from Snuggbaby…


Do you have a blog? Drop a comment below, jot down your blog’s URL and link us up. Either write a whole entry on SNUGGbaby or simply put an inconspicuous link on you blog. It’s up to you. Don’t have a blog? Ask your other half, friend or relative to win one for you.

Encourage your loyal readers to click on the link to join in the fun, by the end of the International Babywearing Week which is on the midnight of 18th Nov 2008, we will choose and announce 2 winners, One will be chosen based on the amount of traffic the blog has directed to us according to our traffic log and another will be chosen by the relevance and experience of the blogger with babywearing.

Its super duper cool babe. So apa tunggu lagi ibu-ibu sekelian.

Toodles peep, go and visit everyone, snuggbaby and the rest.


6 Responses to “Babywearing”

  1. Hana Muhd Idris Says:

    yes yes! ada nampak itu pouch u carry hari tu… nampak comfy, tapi ntah! cam malas nak cuba 😛

  2. Nic Says:

    me pun babywearing tp style bibik’swearing hehehe.. kain batik lepas. Memang orang jowo2 buat macam tu.. and memang senang..

  3. kaezrin Says:

    Hana: mula2 malas, lps tuh now nih mmg bawak kehulu hilir..penyelamat keadaan..

    nic: itu pun ok what….apa2 pun hidup babywearing…

  4. NORA ANSHAR Says:

    you might want to take care when babywearing khazin for long period at a time. it may contribute to your back pain.

  5. halinazairi Says:

    will you be joining the talk at teeny tiny tapir ampang?

    come join la 🙂


    btw, thanks for mentioning about our monthly gathering.. hope to see many new faces nanti

  6. kaezrin Says:

    nora: u r right…mmg itu yg can contribute to it..last week perasan rasa best lps gi physio..on monday i beraduh sakan sakit..padan muka..

    halina: itulah erkk i nak gi lah rasanya…

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