Finally, despite my visits to physio and numerous meetings, I managed to get my report submitted for the management reporting. Yezza! I deserve a big pat at my back, this report is daunting. Truly daunting which makes me glued to my seat all day long. I really wanna jump up and down coz i am truly estatic. Seriously it really haunted me about doing this. If haunting me like my dream bag is OK, but this work related very tak best okeh.

I need to go to The Co. state office in Shah Alam this evening for another series of meeting this evening. Truly another dreaded task for me. I hope i can  survive that 3 hours meeting. Dang!

Anyway, its 2 more days for weekend to be here. I definitely will not be going to IKEA again. kakakakakak.. mampuslah kopak cam gitu ajer kalau pegi IKEA lagi. But I do hope I can catch a movie with hubby this week. I hope we will be able to do so. I am also hoping to get some Setiawangsa pasar tani breakfast fix this saturday too. The murtabak and nasi lemak sambal udang RM1 are TDF. I also plan to stay behind at home lazing around on Sunday. PLAN is the key word here ok.

Well, i’m off for my pumping session and later i need a quick lunch before i shoot off to SA. Toodles peep.


One Response to “lalalalalililililulululu”

  1. Pink Stilettos Says:

    kakak, anda telah di tag. jikalau berkesempatan, sila lah buat yer 😀

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