Ready stock in Hand Tudung Dubai

1 pcs only for each design
Type 1: Tudung Dubai with Patterns RM40 each
Type 5: Tudung Dubai with Net Material RM45 each

06/11 0345pm: Apple Green, Lilac and Dark brown SOLD

Fuschia T1

Beige T1

Beige T5

Dark Brown Purplish T5
Shipping rates apply as usual. Email for booking. Thank u

8 Responses to “Ready stock in Hand Tudung Dubai”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Tudung yg stok bulan july august n pre ramadhan tu ade lagi ker.. or semua dah selamat abiss

  2. kaezrin Says:

    ader buleh try order nanti sy check stock ok…

  3. zazue Says:

    In that case nak check kalau this list below ade:

    beige 1T5
    Grey 1T1
    dubai 005
    black grey abstrack
    purple flowery

    Do you have light blue yg lain other than poka dot?

  4. zazue Says:

    anyway what is the diffrent between Net Material n yg biase tu… yg biase bukan dari net jugak ker?

  5. kaezrin Says:

    zazue: i have opne baby blue in stock now…its very nice….

    net tuh mmg jenis net macam lace tyope gitu yg biasa is like jersey style kain…can u give me ur email senang nak berurusan

  6. et Says:

    ada lg x tudung pre-ramadhan-special-stock
    1.brown 5 t1

    yang Dark Brown Purplish T5 ada xgambr yg pakai kat patung …sbb xnampak la dia nya corak cm mane

  7. kaezrin Says:

    et: brown purplish sudah SOLD…brown 5T1 nanti saya check kay sbb system down la…sorry erkk stock saya check online..

  8. zazue Says:

    ok .. do let me know bout the list tu ok.. my email

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