I am shattered

I almost missed it. I thought I already update my blog for today.

The day started pretty late. we only had breakfast about 930 am and only get ourselves ready around 12. The rest of the time was spend lazying around. Its sunday for God sake. We went to nearby mall just to get a quick provisions, some fresh veggies and potatoes for Khazin pureed stuffs. Enuff for a week supply. Had quick fix lunch at Kenny Rogers. I still can feel the delicious’ness’ of its vanilla muffin. TDF. Didnt settle for the laminating flooring stuffs. We will KIV till later.

Reached home just nice to bake the bread pudding in time with Moli’s arrival with hubby and kids. Its good to see everyone is happy spending the warm pudding at cozy evening. The kids were enjoying themselves with the bicycle. We should do this more often. I love having people around my pad. Its liven up the ambiance and everything.

On the home based, both Ezzan’s are under cough and flu bugs. Its tough to get Khazin to swallow his medicine. He ended up splitting it out again. Thank God, Khilfi is all okay with medicine. I just hope it wont be for long. Go away pls this bug.

Well, I will have a long day tomorrow. Its Monday some more. Tadadada..

Till then, toodles peep.


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