still alive

If time permit, I wish I can make a detour to “Lembah Tengah” read: Mid Valley. I need to find:-

  1. 2nd charger for my phone to be place at my office
  2. new speaker for the desktop at home
  3. card reader for home pc
  4. Alive yogurt for my snacking time

And, if the time also permit, I hope I can just go accross the other mall and check our my shoe size if were to get a new flat/pumps.

The question now, bila nak pegi nik cik kak? I am on 2 full day training starting from today till tomorrow. I need to get my physio done on Friday. Aghhh.. Yet, I desperately need all above soonest possible.

Grrr, ideas ideas..Well, whatever pun, have a nice day peeps. Toodles.

p/s: I am in the rage of anger as well knowing how deeply sad and agry MOLI is now. Go and read her story. Pls continue to support her no matter what. Moli, Be strong ok.


2 Responses to “still alive”

  1. mrs noba Says:

    katanya kat modvalley ada metro branded sale…
    gi la situ , kot2 ada yg menarik 🙂

  2. kaezrin Says:

    alahai ari tuh i pernah pegi branded sale metro mcm x worth it pun..but tgklah tgh training ni..aghhhhh

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