barely breathing

Leave the bags and shoes behind. Priority check.

Work is tremendous piling day by day. This week i have meeting morning and evening which I hate so much coz it may affect my pumping schedule especially if the meeting being dragged. Why do people love to talk nonsense during meeting. HATE with the capital HATE. Its not helping when there’s someone who like to layan pulak, haru biru jadinya.

I skipped my physio again for the gazillion tenth. Habislah my therapist pun bising.

The kids still not recovered from coughing. And that makes me stress up to my neck. Thank god, both still acting ok except for Khazin who has not been sleeping well unless he sleep in on my laps. Oh , 8kg baby on my lap all night long, masak mak ok.Ok, i am kidding, takdelah all night long, but whenever he starts to feel uncomfortable, thats how its going to work. Well, things you do for your kids kan. 

I think i need to stop updating now. I have 2 users across the nation who keeps on emailing me asking for so many things god knows what. Till then, thank you. Ishhh tuh mcm ending email sokmo, till then, toodles.


One Response to “barely breathing”

  1. feezila Says:

    huhuhuhu…sian kat ko yea..buat banyak bersabar lah.

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