move it move it..

This weekend, both hubby and myself, PLAN to stay at home ONLY. The keyword here is PLAN. It has been a hectic weeks ever since syawal and it never stops. So, this niat murni amatlah dialu-alukan. No tawaf’ing’ the mall, no shopping, no KL visit, its simply NO. Its purely stay at home and if we go out maybe to mamak or kedai di area2 rumah utk beli provision. Peti rumah kering kontang ok.

What the heck? Well, I am still sick. The bug package of flu, cough and sore throat. Both kids as well, still coughing and fluish. Hubby as well.

Anyway, on unrelated note, I am loving my sassari big time. I wonder why I didnt buy it earlier, only like 2 weeks ago. What am i doing huh? Too much drooling on shoes/sandals that i cant even afford to pay half of it kot kan? Btw, crocs do offer ONLINE shopping and its FREE  shipping within Malaysia. Senang kan. (me and online shopping, whats new..ahaks)
Well, I guess that’s all from me on this blessed Friday. I’m outta here. Have a blast weekend everyone. Toodles

3 Responses to “move it move it..”

  1. mom2que Says:

    yerr. kasut tu mmg sgt best okeh. jalan lama2 pun tak penat.

  2. AppleCrux Says:

    sizing cemana? ikut yg standard malaysia kah??

  3. kaezrin Says:

    mom2que: u r so right

    applecrux: i think so…

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