I am always a fan of online shopping.

Last week, I got a replacement for my phone leather case. Only 3 weeks after I got it, I lost the case. Its like MIA out of the blue. And I am just too lazy to drag my ass to the infamous Low Yat to get a replacement. A click here and there and wolla that easy kan. It supposed to arrive in a day or two.

Now, I am waiting for my new wedges to arrive. Opss!

Ok, i am supposed to duduk diam-diam kan. But in anticipation of me turning the big 3-0, i need theraphy. A big theraphy. U read me right.

Well, biasalah its same ol same ol me…

Till then, toodles peep.


2 Responses to “click……”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    hi kaezrin, i went to another blog.. interested in cotton pink polka dot. could u please email the pic agin..bigger..any new stock for cotton?

  2. YusVogue Says:

    wah.. bestnya.. dah lama moi tak online shopping ni tau.. dulu rajin.. mengirai duit..depan pc..hehe

    senang kan tau2 benda tu sume dah ada kat depan mata..woohoo

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