london bridge is falling down…

Too close to be true. Minus the comfort, long haul flight, demanding toddler and adventerous infants, a trip to London should be ours. Well, takde rezeki lagi la.

In case u do not mind all above, go and get yourself a roundtrip tix to London. Promo price is RM499/way. Plus all the taxes and everything it’s about RM1.2K for the tix. But spare the details for luggage checked in, meals(rm38/way), comfort kit(anyone ever try it??? RM100/way what the heck is it).

I personally do not mind dat much travelling on budget airlines. But for long haul flight with kids in tow, I think I need better option. but but…..13 hours for god sake. But the price oh, I am beat. We tried last nite, for all 4 of us, Khazin is coming as Infants, with all the luggage, meals and comfort kit is about RM5.8K round trip to London. Kewl? or no kewl? options/ideas?

Que sera sera. Whatever it is, london or not, more things outline for 2009. Yippie.

OK, mak nak gi attend workshop next door. Toodles.


8 Responses to “london bridge is falling down…”

  1. mak farhah Says:

    Sekeluarga hanya RM5.8K? cukup murah, normally bleh dpt u 1 org tua n infants aja price tu. Tp 13 jam kena sabar ler dgn kerenah anak2222

  2. mom2que Says:

    Definitely cool amatz. On MAS one person alone round trip to London dah over RM10K. Sape lah boleh fly gitu.

    I tak kisah tak travel in style janji ble shopping giler2 muahahaha

  3. rini Says:

    for long hour journey, please get a good airlines, plus we all have kids. I wont travel with any ” low budget ” airlines if nak travel jauh jauh.

    I am very particular bab bab keselesaan nih. Kalau nak travel, boss would normally ask me to do the job, from airlines sampailah hotel / apartment nak stay. He knows am a fussy bitch ! Silap silap nanti, kalu tak menepati piawaian, time tu jugak akak heret seme orang balik !

  4. mom2que Says:

    Baru je check AA. Alah bukan stop kat Heathrow Airport ke? Tak syok la gitu.

  5. IbuHaziq Says:

    waaaa…reasonable price i guess…lg best kalau accommodation free….and i think they land kt stansted airport kalo tk silap ek…ala2 LCCT mesia tp best lg hehehe :p

  6. Ummu Auni Says:

    murah mmg murah, tapi macam lamanya duk dalam plane tu…

  7. dilla Says:

    betullah macam rini.. long flight hours tu.. 13 jam non stop…kalau kita ngan budak2 mmg la tak tahan… even skrg compare MAS ngan Emirates pon, I opt to emirates.. sbb harga emirates kadang lagi murah dan selesa pon selesa sangat222 lagi (spacious etc)…

    yup betul.. dia x sampai kt epot heathrow, tp dia sampai kt london stansted…

    tp klu travel sorang atau berdua dengan husband aje… maybe this way is cheaper la kot…

  8. kaezrin Says:

    dear all..kalau x pk anak anak n only akak ngan laki akak mmg pejam mata aja dah kes kanak2 riang ni maap la…1-2 jam ok lg..berejam2 tuh twmpting kannn..kakkakakakaka..hina kan…

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