Brotherly love

Originally uploaded by Elin

Bila tgk depa tido cam gini, hati mak mana tak tersentuh kan?

Saat macam ni lagilah rasa syukur sgt dgn pemberian terindah dr Allah s.w.t

Permata hati kami.

Ketahuilah anak-anak mama,
you guys meant everything to me.
Without both of you,
my life will never be the same again.

Bahagiakanla papa dan mama.



3 Responses to “Brotherly love”

  1. mum2h Says:

    I love to see my kids while they are sleeping…


  2. CT Says:

    alahai…so loving…:)

  3. rozie Says:

    mmg time diaorg tidur is the most sentimental moment for us as mak..

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