I am going to have a blast day.

I foresee that.

Early morning with physio session and later, its time to ‘kirai’ duit di kedai-kedai at the twin towers ittew. I am still contemplating about the ultimate bag. Part of me will easily go and buy it but another part of me not wanting to depart with the amount of money. No joke man. Whatever it is, bag or no bag, I surely need to get something tomorrow. The pressure at the office is just too much and I truly deserve this.

For the past 2 days, I’ve been stranded in a workshop with no internet connection. Its a brain storming session with a lots of presentation and Q&A that our team need to attend to. We were still being shoot with gazillion stuffs even at 645pm yesterday. Dang! and this project is not our baby even, we were invited to listen to awareness, suddenly we realised the system that my team and myself has been slaving ourselves for the past 3 years is going to be the main focal point. Shoot.

So today, as free as a bird i am, took d day off, to unwind. And next week, the boss said, prolly our team should set another 2-3 days Out of Office and work on the report. Its the time again, to crack our head to analyze the data for management report to all different layers of management and board and whatever! I am so going to crack here.

Well, whatever lah. I am so outta here, the shops are calling now.


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