After hunting here and there i am getting more confused. Well, i think its me lah. So much for my passion and desire to own the ultimate bag, I am not ready to depart with such a huge amount of money. I still cant. Even I do have the allocation, but I just cant bring myself into it yet. Nak kena solat istiharakh kot ni. Relevan ker?

But the images of the bags are like dancing on my mind over and over again. Hubby has been complaining. What is stopping me? money is ready. He gave the green light with the budget approval from his pocket, but I still dont have the guts. Maybe this is my first baby step. It may not be a big deal to most of ladies out there, but it is for me, so please respect my own decision ok. I know I have been writing about this a lot, but situation like this has been refraining myself to actually own it. I ended up having undefined creature in my collection. 😛 except for the last few purchases. Lebih berhemah. To recap on the highlights of my ‘kirai’ duit day….

I’ve checked out Coach pre-sale as well. Nothing really caught my attention coz frankly speaking em not really a fan of its signature C. the one in my posession usually is fabric wise with splash of color. I am odd in my own way. So sue me. Its quite a selection anyway and its up to 30% but choices are plenty. Seriously ladies, u can checked it out. Maybe its the first day and byk stock lagi, I came out empty handed even I nearly bought that flats.

Sel.Ferragamo was the next destination. As usual, the one that I like came with a whopping price. Way to expensive that I obviously cant afford it. I dont wanna ended up having another purse even its too tempting. And I would like to give a big applause to the SA in Celine. She is the best of all. I was inside the store ages. I tried most of the bags and she walked around with me and let me have my own sweet time with every items. But the right feeling is not there. Tp gatal rsvp satu patent wallet. kakakakakaka..hina okeh, i think i need to cancel it, coz I just got one from hubby recently. The final destination obviously remain anonymous. And till now I couldnt stop thinking.

Well, in summary, no major damage. Everything is uncertain. Nak treat diri sendiri pun x jadi jadi lagi. Macam ni la kan, when u dont have the moollah, everything easily ajer rasa nak beli, but when u have the money, sume jadi sayang kan. but i still came out with 5 bajus and big plastic loads of bajus for khilfi. Esok is adik turns plak. Nih sume bahana Isetan sale.

Till then, toodles peeps.


5 Responses to “outcome=zero”

  1. rini Says:

    Mula mula 1, lepas tu asik nak beli sbb mcm addicted gitu. I bought 4 this year, and the latest is the fuschia Miu Miu.

    Ni nanti balik Malaysia ntah ntah sangkut lagik satu …camne tuh ?

    If you feel like having a good one, go on ..treat yourself. It’s a one off. Next time, ada duit beli lagi. At least you’ve got what you always wanted kan …

  2. isz_3707 Says:

    owhh..kita serupa..tp tang bag je, klau gadget cepat pulak bley kuar duit, xyah pk byk2 kali

  3. mamafaiz Says:

    slalu mmg camtu..bila da ada duit nak beli sayang pulak nak kuar..hehehe..kalau x tu asyik drooling je nengok beg2 tu..isetan sale? yarabbi..ramai tul org..end up beli baju tido my son je..

  4. Farra Says:

    sy nak beli digicam..but sayang duit gak hihi

  5. mommy Says:

    i hv e exact same feeling. to buy or not to buy. and yes, to some ladies, apa sgt but to me, to get hold of such brand is a luxury. when u finally can have it, guts stop u, kan. mcm, sygnye duit nih. how mehh??

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