So its a big deal.

We are short handed now. Neck to neck meeting and series of workshop. All my plan for a quiet birthday outing has banished. dang! I’ve to be in shah alam for meeting and another reporting schedule for tomorrow morning. Double super dang!

A quick fix is needed? apa nak buat erkkk?

btw, i need opinion/suggestion or enlightenment.

I am at the junction. Khazin is now being sent to one of the day care nearby our house. Few days ago, the principals at the same daycare& kindy where Khilfi is staying offered a seat for khazin starting next year. I am now confused. Undecided. (Banyak benda undecided now nih, nak antar anak, nak beli bag mana..kakakakaka)

I am listing the pro and cons for each option.

1) Option 1( Nearby Nursery at home)
Pro : Khazin dah serasi kat situ, he has no problem with the child minder at all. Every morning when we sent him, he easily wants to go to Ibu. The teacher is well versed with his perangai for the last 8 months. They is well practiced with my way of handling my EBM. The place is very clean, housed on a corner lot double strorey house and not crammed with babies. Khazin is now the 2nd youngest baby and is being pampered well by everyone. The house is very well ventilate, using fan only and no air cond which is ok with me. In the evening they will feed khazin and he is all ready with Pjs when I picked him up. And if i happened to be late, there’s always someone there to take care of Khazin coz the teacher leaves there.On my leave day, i cans till send khazin for while to nursery and runs errand and later pick him up again.

Cons: It normally quite troublesome where we have to go back all the way to Puchong to pick up khazin then baru pegi mana2 nak berjoli katak. When Khazin is sick, i feel ages for me to reach puchong from the office. I spend less time with Khazin coz we sent him early morning then we go to the office, while Khilfi will still stick with us back and fro to office becoz the kindy is under the same building as mine. Khilfi is not with khazin.It delay us about 10-15 minutes every morning to send him seperately.

2) Option 2 (The Co. Nursery)
Pro: Everyone will be under the same roof. Khilfi and Khazin. So no more seperate pit stop.If the kids are sick, i can easily go down and pick them up to the clinic in the same building. I can monitor closely.Its very easy to go anywhere after the office as everyone is together already. And its give more time for us to bond as everyone ride together from house to office and coming back as well.

Cons: The kids sometimes have to be trasnport back to their Opah place if I have to go for training/meeting if the training is in KL city itself. I dun wanna be bother to go to bangsar first to send them over, then re route to KL and in the evening buat detour to pick them in Bangsar and head back to puchong. Pening tak?Will Khazin be ok with new poeple taking care of him?If i have to extend my meeting, hubby has to take care both Khilfi and Khazin at the office lobby while I finished up. The Co. only accept overtime until 7pm.

Aghh, i pening. Anyone from the co. can share the experience of sending your kids at the baby room. Please enlighten me. How do the handle our EBM? do u send the thaw one or the frozen one, i just send the frozen one to the nursery now and they will thaw it for me. Easy kan?

Ok then, please help me.

Mak buntu nih.


5 Responses to “dilemma”

  1. emly2175 Says:

    choose the one that can help u when u are stuck in no-way-out meeting.. Of course bonding is important. But we can always do rebonding at anytime, at any place as long as we parents make time for it..Which I dont think will be a problem with u dear..

    Pasal EBM tuh, do check out 1st if the new place can handle & understand the meaning of EBM. Poor handling of EBM will be loss on Khazin's well being .

    I have to say that not all nursery people in general are well-informed with EBM handling.

    On EBM, u need both the cair & frozen one. The daycare people can use the cair EBM 1st as u baru aje drop off your kid.. Later the day, they can thaw the frozen one.

    So kena tinggallah all the milk warmer with the new nursery..
    All the best k… Email me if u r in doubt k..

  2. The Queen Bee Says:

    hmmm susah ni. i think saya amek 2nd option, coz memudahkan akak lg. senang nak bergerak sekali. pasal nsk pergi rumah opah tu maybe bukan tiap2 hari kan kena pergi?

    InsyaAllah Khazin senang nak rapat with the child minder kat tpt baru. tp kene slow2 introduce dia.

  3. The R.I.F Family Says:

    Lin, sebenarnya sekarang kalau hantar kat Taska Co tu should be ok sebab dia ada fridge untuk simpan EBM. Apa yang saya tahu, one of the child minder tu expert on handling EBM tapi mungkin you kena brief sket ikut kemahuan you dan Khazin.

    For me, saya akan hantar Ilman ke Taska tu sebab kakak dan abang dia pun kat situ dan it is easy for me to monitor three of them. Tentang bab air-cond tuh, kita kena selalu remind them to slow down the volume….whatever your decision is semoga you make the right decision. Asalkan anak dan mak happy…ok…

  4. lazydaisy Says:

    elin tu ari i dah pegi nursery khazin sebab i plan nak hantar twin. remember i ada call you mintak no nursery tu ?

    well after my first visit, i tak sampai hati pulak nak hantar my twin kat situ. i dunno la time u pegi nursery tu nursery tu nampak bersih ke but it was not very clean masa i pegi hygenic wise pun i tak berkenan sangat…hmm tu yg i think my kids would be better staying at home je

  5. CT Says:


    Kak Elin, humayraa baru jek sebulan masuk taska co tu. So far alhamdulillah…the child minder pun good in handling EBM. Plus, there’s one electric warmer there..lupa plak nak tanya tu sapa punya…

    Early days humayraa kat situ, the consumption of EBM reduce to 3 bottle of 3oz…but now dah makin naik to 3 bottle of 4oz..so rasanya no prob…

    Plus, very d convenient anta kids at the same place…mcm saya, x perlu dah nak menapak anak tangga rumah polis kat belakang co tu..ehehehe

    pape pun..all up to u…:)

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