Be lot wiser

the big 3-0

Syukur I am still here, 30years.

I only have 1 wish. I wish my parents are proud to have me as their daughter. Their first daughter and eldest child, I do hope I make them proud and happy. I also hope my mom can see me from up above, how her eldest daughter has now blooms vertically, aged gracefully and also a mother of 2 kids now. Thank you mama and papa, without both of you I am not who I am today.

I got my pre-birthday gift from hubby last night. A small token with big meaning which truly sentimental. A token I never thought he will take note about. Not the usual handbags, shoes and wallet. A small masterpiece not highly expensive, but means a lot for me. Thank you darling. It is just your usual daily things but I am so slow in that department to buy one for myself. I am surely the most sensual lady today. 😛

Today i also will place the order for the gift of my life. Off course with pre-approved nod and fund from the banker too. 😛

Well, i just hope I will be lot wiser and be a better muslimah and mother/wife.



kembang setaman, bila bunga nih sampai..thank you laling…basah kuyup meja sbb bunga inniew baru sudah kena spray air oleh org blooming ittew


16 Responses to “Be lot wiser”

  1. Mrs.R @ Emi Says:

    happy Birthday..

  2. The R.I.F Family Says:

    Happy Birthday Lin, semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki serta berbahagia selalu…lupa nak wish walaupun terserempak pagi tadi…

  3. KS Says:

    happy besday elin!

    tak sempat la weh nak carik kad besday 😛

    welcome to the club! 🙂


  4. NadiahKhair Says:

    Happy bithday kak elin!!!!

    Semoga bertambah2 murah rezeki dan panjang umur.

  5. ummi Says:

    it’s a ring, isn’t it?
    happy 30th birtday dear.

  6. Tyha Says:

    Hp Besday Elin…samalah umur kita! Moga dipermudahkan urusan dunia dan akhirat,murah rezeki dan dilindungi allah selalu dibawah rahmat dan perlindungannya…inshaallah.

  7. Yan Says:

    welcome to the big 3 🙂
    semoga panjang umur + murah rezeki.. amiin..

  8. NORA ANSHAR Says:

    happy birthday elin! may Allah bless you always.

  9. MRSHUSiN Says:

    another birthday, another year wiser! but still young at heart! betul x?
    moga panjang umur & murah rezeki babes!

    i'm turning the big 3-0 next year! =)

  10. Yati MJ Says:

    Happy birthday elin.. 🙂

  11. emly2175 Says:

    about your sensual gift to, I'm just gonna ignore what is already inside my head now! But somehow mcm tau aje aper hadiah nye.. heheheh
    anyway, welcome to the 30's club Elin!!! I'm sure your parents are already proud of you as u have shown to them how capable u are juggling your career & family too..

    Happy birthday !

  12. lyana47 Says:

    once again, hepi bufday elin..may all ur dream comes true yea..;)

  13. Wawa Says:

    happy birthday elin.

    will remeber ur birthday after this sebab baru sedar sama dengan hamzah’s.


    i am sure ur parents are proud to have u as their daughter.

  14. mrs.hafizNEN Says:

    welcome to the 3 series club!!!

    it’s gonna open up a whooooole new world for you.

    …i’m not 3-0. i’m still in denial…haha! not happening(yet)!


  15. famyGirl Says:

    happy birthday Elin!!! 🙂 semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki serta dilindungi Allah SWT selalu

  16. lazydaisy Says:

    happy belated birthday elin
    sorry lambat wish…
    may you have wonderful years ahead with your little heroes and hubby 🙂

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