The aftermath

This morning a small incidents happened. Someone broke his cufflinks. He was so upset as he cant put on his long sleeves to work due to broken cufflinks. Well, pakai jelah baju lain yang, nanti kiter gam cufflinks tuh. *wink*wink*wink

Anyway, fast forward, my dearest hubby settle down with other baju and left for the office. Later in the afternoon, to celebrate the big date of yours truly turns the big 3-0, we went for a lunch date at Italiannies. We had the set of 4 pasta for only RM29.90 and also a yummylicios margaritha pizza. More stories on the food story at Iza’s.
After we stuffes ourselves like mad cow, I rushed dearest hubby to ISetan, and looks someone got a present too. Well, I think he deserve a new cufflinks. The old one was bought when I went for my Hajj in Mecca 2 years ago. It is not expensive but has served him well. I bet my hubby cant wait to put on his earlier shirt again tomorrow morning.
Overall, I am happy that i can make someone happy on my big day. And I think I’ve made a wise decision tonight. I think my hawa nafsu towards the ultimate bag shall remain as it is now. I am not pursuing it for now. Bag cant wait, its not going anywhere kan. bagus tak my wise decision, or I will regret it later 😛 …stick with me, I am forever like this kan?. I will deposit my gift funds into the bank and let it grow prolly. ….For how long, let the waiting game begin. After all, I had a FUN day. Tp tak taulah kalau malam ni I cant sleep again dreaming about it. kakakakakaka

Well, till then toodles peep.


2 Responses to “The aftermath”

  1. okinokiyo Says:

    heppy besday..lewat ke?anyway mesti dah place order beli begggg.begg apa tu nak tengokkkkk

  2. mommy Says:

    happy 30 elin! wise wise wise. i hope when i turn 30, i’ll wiser too. huhuhuhu. btw, tido mimpi beg lagi tak?

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