I am back at Nusaputra soil.

Suddenly I feel sick. Hubby is now sick, body arching and cold. The kids has been doin nothing except sleep and eat. Khazin cant seems to get enuff of me.

I just wrote an EL note to my Manager tomorrow. I am not going to work. The kids is not 100% fit and hubby obviously need someone to attend to him.

I cant sleep as I fall alseep for 2 hours this evening. Now,

I am browsing and browsing and the urge to click ‘add to your shopping cart’ is growing rapidly as time pass by. Horror kan.

Did i tell that I actually ordered my ultimate bag? And it has been purchased and now waiting for the day of its arrival in 5 days time. Nyehnyehnyeh.

And I suddenly realised I just had too many BRAND NEW baju kurung waiting and screaming to get pick up. Oh oh….And itu pun i gatal beli lagi 4 pasang last 2 days at Salem Aziz aka Jakel KT.

Well, have a nice day peeps. I have sick people to attend to, and a demanding kids to be with. :))

2 Responses to “ramblings”

  1. nanako Says:

    hi elin.. u tinggal kt nusaputra phase 1 ke? i ada beli umah kt phase 2, insyaallah next yr kot bole move in.. just wondering kt nursery mana u anta ur bby? sbb from ur past entry u mentioned that the nursery bley handle ebm..

  2. kaezrin Says:

    hi nanako..

    i antar kat area bdr bkt puchong 2..kalau u nak detail u boleh email i ok elinnr@gmail.com

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