my bobot

This bobot is going to be 9 months by end of December.

This photo was snap by Jules. As usual, I like it so much. Mucchos gracia Jules.

And this bobot now is teething rather badly. He wants to gigit eveything i think its going to cut soon. And this morning, he wakes up extra early, sakit perut, 5am dah buat bisnes. Pity baby. He now enjoys Khilfi’s play yard in the room. He plays with hot wheel car and look so gendut while sitting on the carpet wheeling the cars around the track. Kecik-kecik dah pandai okeh!

I dun have the latest stats sbb dah lama x gi clinic ker apa ker. But he is one lasak boy, his baby fat at his face kind of deteriorating. But at his stomach, wachaa I like. He loves it so much if i kiss him on his gendut stomach.

He still do not enjoy the car seat and stroller so I still baby wearing him like a kangaroo whenever we go out and put him in stroller when he asleep.

He already sit and crawl when he was 5 months and now dah meniti tepi2 kerusi, meja  and katil.

He envies his brother BIG TIME. Apa saja khilfi buat is something interesting for him. Habislah.

Well, itu saja la. Update dr mama khazin. Toodles.


5 Responses to “my bobot”

  1. nurminah Says:


  2. Tyha Says:

    hehehehehe…ni dia lom pandai berebut lagi.Sat gi dah dpt kaki leh hambat abg…siaplah…;)

  3. Dania's mummy Says:

    akak.. sorry nak menyampuk, i;m ur silent reader actually… last time akak ada bt entry pasal baby pouch yg akak beli dr lil calip, so akak stil bwk khazin guna tu ker?

  4. kaezrin Says:

    nurminah: mcm mama dier kan?? kakakakak

    Tyha: itulah nanti pening paler…

    dania’s mummy: yes dat one…that lucky baby sling

  5. Mrs.FHM Says:

    masyaAllah comel nye khazin…bulat mata dia….

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