hunting continues

UAT is now up and running.

Finally, I’d received my long-overdue new notebook. Huzzah! It just the pain staking transfer of file is up and running and I hate it big time. Now, akak mcm gatal badan nak cari hand carry lappy bag. It’s just I cant afford to have another bag pack since I am carrying my PISA Medela on my back. So, hand carry should be the one. Since this lappie is lighter than the old one, I think it is ok.

I am not looking into any designer bag. Takde budget dah lah wheyy, meroyan ke apa nak beli bag over the top. I am eyeing something simple. More or less like this.

Well, tiba-tiba akak malas plak nak tepek gambar lagi. Ahaks. OKlah, I need to get back to my testing. See ya. Whatever pun, I am one happy chap.
Toodles peep.

One Response to “hunting continues”

  1. estradacortez41471 Says:

    “A twinkle in Gds eye” finally gave me the spark to feel the upcoming chagim. Your perspective is always welcomed. Thanks for starting my new year right. ShanaTova! Come on

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